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Hacina and Albert are pleased to welcome you to CHAKCHOUKA

The chakchouka is:

-a dish of Algerian origin (according to Hacina)

-a typical Tunisian dish (for Albert)

prepared in the Maghreb and Turkey

(from Wikipedia)

flat vegetable mix that represents the Mediterranean according to us!

It means above all MIX. Perfect we love mixing genres, flavors, colors ... We especially like to share in a cool atmosphere and in a carefully decorated setting offset our kitchen. You will come to discover the flavors coming from both sides of the Mediterranean, in cocktails, wines, beers and dishes of course. You can taste mezzes, couscous, ossobuco and more. The menu varies each season and especially according to the desire of our chef. There is something for everyone (meat, fish, vegetarians ...).

We are waiting for you to discover our recipes and enjoy a pleasant moment.

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